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We specialise in kitchen electrics. 


Whether you are planning a minor upgrade to the lighting or appliances, or a more radical revamp, we have a wealth of experience to assist you. If you are planning a major revamp or a brand new kitchen please go to our New Installations page.

Lighting has a huge impact on your kitchen.  The kitchen is often the hub of the home; a place not just for preparing food but where the family, and guests, congregate and eat.


As the photos on this page show, well planned lighting will set the ambience for this important room.

The lighting needs to support the main functions of the kitchen:

  • bright light for preparation and cooking

  • more mellow light over the table for eating

  • background lighting to support the mood that you wish to achieve

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There is now a fantastic range of lights to choose from as a cursory search on the internet will show; different designs, shapes, sizes, materials, colours and more!

Technically, the choice of 'colour temperature' is important.  Colour temperature is measured in 'Kelvin' or 'K'.  Most bulbs and LEDs will state this on the packaging.  The bulbs may also be described as 'Warm White', 'Cool White' or 'Daylight'. The table below, copyright Westinghouse, proves an excellent overview.  Click to visit their Westinghouse website which gives further helpful information.  In addition many bulbs and LEDs are dimmable giving you even more control of the ambience.

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