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Safety checks

Perhaps you have just moved house?  Perhaps you have concerns about your electrics?  Faulty electics can have very serious consequences. If in any doubt please don't hesitate.  Get a fully qualified electrician to check out your consumer unit, wiring, switches and sockets.

Please call us for a no-obligation discussion on your concerns.  We always give a high priority to advising on safety issues.

Click on one of the underlined links to contact us directly from a mobile.

07458 182 511, or


At the end of this page we list some danger signs of faulty electrics. 


​Building Work and New Circuits

Do you wish to install extra sockets?  Change the old central ceiling light for modern high efficiency LEDs set into the ceiling?  Looking for lights in the drive that come on automatically when you come home in the dark?  Need extra circuits added to your consumer unit?  You discovered that your house electrics are not safety-protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD)?  Building a small extension and need light and power?

Whatever your needs we will be happy to discuss options with you and to give you unbiased advice on the pros and cons plus a competitive price.  Please contact us on one of the links above (phone and email.)

Danger Signs of Faulty Electrics

The statistics are sobering**

15,432 house fires caused by electricity (out of a total of 28,350 fires)

54% of fires in England were caused by electricity

1,380 fatalities and injuries caused by electrical fires

Average of 27 a week and 4 a day

..... and

A DTI report estimates that 20% of electrical fires could be prevented by the presence of an RCD.

** Source:; (2015/16 figures for England)


The symptoms below all indicate a potential problem with your electrics.  If any of these apply to you then please do not delay; call in a fully qualified professional.  Whatever you do DO NOT attempt to sort out the problem youself; you may put your life at risk.

  • Does a circuit breaker keep tripping?
    It is not uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip; that's why they are there - to protect you.  However if the same breaker trips frequently then that is a sympton that something is wrong.

  • Do you have sparking from a switch, socket or from the consumer unit?
    A definite fault; a fault that can easily lead to a fire.  Call an electician immediately and don't use that circuit or system until the cause is found and corrected.

  • Do you have damaged wiring?
    There are many reasons that wiring can get damaged, possible even exposing the copper wires inside the insulation.  Squirrels, mice and other animals can attack wiring, particularly in the loft. Look out for droppings or nest material. Mechanical damage can occur, perhaps when moving heavy furniture.

  • Did you get a slight electrical shock?
    Very unpleasant. This is a definite sign of something seriously wrong.

  • Are there signs of discolouration or burning?  Is there a smell of burning? Does the item feel warm, or even hot?
    Particularly at sockets, at switches, near lights and at the consumer unit

  • Do you have flckering/dimming lights or buzzing switches?
    If so, then this indicates a faulty item, one that needs urgent attention as a fire might be the next stage.

If any of these symptoms apply to you please do contact us urgently for a free no-obligation safety inspection.

To reinforce the safety message we show below two scary photos of dodgy electrics.

The Grenfell Tower fire was caused by faulty wiring in a fridge/freezer John Glover, an Electrical Fire Expert, concluded.


For more horror stories and photos of electrical hazards you might like to have a look at this website of a contractor working in Norfolk and Suffolk.  Click to view.  If any of your wiring looks like this please call us immediately!  07458 182 511

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